Official Business Agreement Sample

All business activities that involve dealings in money or products require some written agreements to protect themselves. These Business Agreements also called trade agreements act as backups for the business. Whether you run a business out of a skyscraper or from your home, whether you are in manufacturing or the trading industry, these agreements come in handy for efficient dealings.

Business Agreement Template helps you get started on the right foot. You would need a Business Agreement in case: your company plans to buy/sell products from some other company, your company will provide/receive a service to/from another company, you are an independent contractor/individual who wants to step into a formal Business Agreement. Given here is business agreement format which is flexible and can be molded according to your requirement.

Business deals need more than just a handshake. Make sure it is a confirm deal by signing a professional Business Agreement. When all the terms are in writing, it is easier to avoid mis-communications; the details of your contract are lucidly outlined. A business contract lays down all the specific terms around what must be delivered and when will the payment be due along with project will be completed.

If your business is offering or receiving services from another business, you could use your Business Agreement to outline the following:

  • Specific dates of performance
  • Payment terms and
  • Scope of work

However, if you are dealing with products but not services you can include important details like:

  • date of the order
  • acceptance
  • delivery requirements
  • warranties
  • quantities ordered and
  • payment details

business agreement template

Business Agreement
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