Commercial Lease Agreement

A contract between a tenant and a landlord for the rental of business property is called a Commercial Lease Agreement. Almost all kinds of businesses need a storefront or an office space; a Commercial Lease helps the owner protect his property in case the tenant is not on the level.

A commercial lease agreement spells out: who will pay the property taxes, for what purposes the property will be used for, and what will trigger the end of the agreement one made. You might need to sign a lease agreement in case: you are the owner of a commercial property that will be leased to a tenant. You are the owner of a commercial property that will be converted to rental property, or you wish to lease a commercial property from a land owner who doesn’t have a lease form.

Our website provides you with a Commercial Lease Agreement template as well. The property leased under this agreement can only be used for commercial purposes; the land owner leases the property to the tenant for business related activities only. Some essentials a Commercial Lease Agreement must include are: terms and conditions for the lease and rent, rights of the tenant while he uses the property, and restrictions on the tenant. The tenant is bound to follow the agreement strictly. The tenant doesn’t have the right to sublease the property. Our website provides you with the format so you can get to know and understand the significance and the terms of the agreement clearly. Want to have a perfect agreement to lease your property commercially? You are at right place to find professional templates.

commercial lease agreement template

Commercial Lease Agreement
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