Confidentiality Agreement

Our diverse collection of free agreement templates also features Confidentiality Agreement Template. A Confidentiality agreement defines the confidential relationship between two parties, as the name implies. It is also known as the confidential disclosure or the non-disclosure agreement. This legal agreement can be made between two or more parties.

Once the document is signed, the involved parties come under a mutual consent that they will keep certain information confidential and will not share it with any third party or individual. Therefore, once the agreement is signed the involved parties must abide by the contract and not reveal secret information to anyone else. The agreement is bound to be followed under all conditions. The different kinds of agreement that come under the confidentiality agreement are unilateral agreements and bilateral agreements.

Some common uses of Confidentiality Agreement could be: talking to partners, bringing in a consultant, hiring an employee, and etc. The agreement ensures that the people you are taking into confidence would not share your secrets. Our confidentiality agreement is flexible and can be used to secure marketing plans, customer lists, inventions, manufacturing process, and more. Our template explicitly defines what is protected, for how long it is protected, exclusions if any, confidential information, restrictions, rights and remedies, and miscellaneous terms. You can also use a confidentiality agreement to protect your trade secrets – information of your company that gives your organization a competitive edge and is not generally known outside your organization.

confidentiality agreement template

Confidentiality Agreement
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