Construction Agreement

Before you plan for the next construction/renovation of your project, make sure you sign a Construction Agreement so that you are protected in case of cost overruns, delays, or any general mishap. You might need a Construction Agreement if you are a contractor and are constructing or renovating a property, or you are the one hiring a contractor to build or renovate your property. If you are hiring a contractor, or a construction firm, you can easily customize our template and outline the terms on material shortages, weather delays, when and how the payment will be made, and when will the workers turn up to work every day. Safeguard your interest in the best possible way by using construction agreement.

Another crucial agreement added to our wide range of templates is the Construction Agreement template. All deals made by the builder and the property owner must be documented in the given agreement. Hence, it is important that both the parties must understand the agreement clearly. A Construction Agreement is a contract made between a builder and a land/property owner.

There are some essential elements that an agreement must hold; we make sure our template incorporates all of them. The essentials are: year, name of both the parties involved, measurement of land, survey number of the plot, official registration number, number of the plot. The name of both the parties gives an idea of the people involved in signing the construction work contract. A Construction agreement features crucial information and safeguards the interests of both the parties.

construction agreement template

Construction Agreement
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