Consultancy Agreement

A Consultancy Agreement, as evident from the name, helps you put terms on a formal footing; whether you being engaged as a consultant or you are engaging a consultant. A Consultancy Agreement is a simple and neat way to make sure that both the parties, consultant and the consulted, are clear on what has been decided and the services that would be provided by the consultant along with payment obligations.

This type of contract helps the parties protect them and their businesses on crucial issues such as data protection matters, and the possession of intellectual property fashioned by the consultant. The agreement may come in handy when:

  • you wish to appoint a consultant who would provide you services on a self-employed basis
  • you are an individual who wants to provide services to an organization on a self-employed basis
  • you wish to appoint an individual consultant who would provide services through a mediator company
  • you are an individual who wants to provide services to a company through a mediator company

We offer the services in terms of free agreement template. Here is all what you need to know to get through a consultancy agreement. A well drafted Consultancy Agreement Template must cover some essentials as follows:

  • payment terms and liability
  • consultant substitution
  • agreement conclusion and termination process
  • witnesses of the agreement and terms of commencement
  • capital contributions and value of the venture
  • capital accounts, management and sharing
  • compensations and voluntary withdrawal
  • death or incapacity of a party

consultancy agreement template

Consultancy Agreement
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