Dealership Agreement

A Dealership Agreement is signed between two parties; the supplier and the dealer. The dealer is the one who purchases goods/products from the supplier and is responsible to sell those goods in his sales territory. The dealer is supposed to make all arrangements for marketing as well as sales promotion. The main feature a Dealership Agreement showcases is the condition set by the dealer that forbids the supplier to undertake any sales in the territory of the dealer, or to enter in a Dealership Agreement with any other dealer dealing in the same territory. If an agreement provides no exclusivity, the supplier has the right to sell all or parts of his goods specified by the agreement. A well-drafted Dealership Agreement Template, like ours, will make your job a lot easier. In search of a perfectly drafted dealership agreement template, you are at right place.

A Dealership Agreement, however, specifies whether or not the dealer is allowed to appoint other selling agents, sub-dealers, or marketing representatives. A good Dealership Agreement will mention a clear list of goods that are supposed to be supplied by the supplier for a definite time period. In case any changes are to be made in the list of goods/products, an amendment is supposed to be made to the agreement which will include new goods or exclude the existing ones. A Dealership Agreement also provides terms for the non-use or use of copyrights, trademarks, or patents of the supplier or his goods.

dealership agreement template

Dealership Agreement
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