Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce is the legal process of dissolution of the act of marriage. It is the procedure by which the individuals bound by the responsibilities of a matrimonial union are set free of their duties and legal responsibilities. It calls for a change of roles and duties of the two persons bonded by the act of marriage.

Need for Divorce Settlement Agreement

Whenever two persons get married it is legally endorsed by the court of law. As such when there is a divorce taking place between the two married persons, it is also legally processed for proper enforcement of law. Once the divorce is finally and legally approved, there is the need for a final settlement to be carried out between the two individuals.

Divorce Settlement Agreement

This is a legal agreement that settles all the clauses and condition mentioned in the divorce deed. It is mostly done in the court where the two lawyers of both the married individuals take the consent of their respective clients and make the final divorce settlement agreement.

This agreement is mostly drafted by the lawyers who have prior experience and are qualified legally to make such documents. However because it is the age of internet and technology, such templates and sample agreements are also available online on various websites which can help individuals draft their own divorce settlement agreements. Some common pre-requisites for the effectiveness of a divorce settlement agreement include:

  • It must be prepared by the mutual consent of both the parties
  • It must be according to the legal laws and regulations

divorce settlement agreement template

Divorce Settlement Agreement
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