Employment Agreement Sample

One of the most important documents your business could use is an Employment Agreement. It is a smart way of making sure everybody is on the same page as you. The agreement allows you to build a relationship with your employees and have a written proof that everybody agrees on the benefits, salary, hours, and confidential information.

An Employment Agreement may come in handy when you hire a new employee and you want to specify the obligations and rights of both the employer and the employee. Or when you joined a new job and your employer would not provide you a documented employment contract. Secure your interests, follow the employment agreement template.

An employment agreement holds significant importance, as it protects the company and plays a diverse role in continuing the management; all the chief members of the management are supposed to approve the agreement before it is signed. An employment agreement that is comprehensive comprises: the employee’s employment, the transfer, and non-compete. All the terms and conditions in the agreement must be accepted, and signed, by both the employer and the employee making it lucid that both the parties understand it and are bound to follow them.

Some essential details that must be included in an employment agreement are: duties and responsibilities of the employee, salary, incentives, compensation, benefits, business expenses, short term allowances, along with other valid details. While keeping an eye on the essentials make sure you do not forget any basic information about your new employee, your company, name and address of your company, along with the name and address of the new employee appointed.

employment agreement sample template

Employment Agreement
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