Exclusively Supply Agreement

The given agreement is written between the supplier and the distributor of the products. The document is designed by the distributing company. The supplier is appointed by the distributor to supply the products of the company from one territory to another. The agreement should contain standard provisions in favor of both parties. The document is supposed to explain following provisions:

  • The method to order and supply the product
  • Method of delivery and payment
  • Warranties of supplier and distributor
  • Provision for the title and risk of loss

The agreement should be designed in a way to address the needs of all drafting parties. The exclusively supply agreement template is designed for your help and guidance.

Exclusively Supply Agreement Format can be very Helpful

The product supply agreement is designed to describe the basic procedures for the order and the supply of the products. The procedures are determined by the all involved parties. The agreement is an important document; therefore it should explain the strategy for the supply, product warranty, losses, payments and respective liabilities. The document is significant for the particular use of the company, because it can enhance the efficiency of the distribution of the products. It enables all parties to work without any conflict, as everything will be written clearly in the agreement. The supplier can schedule the amount of sales with reliability, and he/she can motivate the distributor to market the products in a positive way.

exclusive supply agreement template

Supply Agreement Format
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