Farm Land Lease Agreement

If you are looking to give your farm land on lease, then you have to prepare a farm land lease agreement to make sure that you can get enough profitability for many years. The lease agreement enables you to settle down the expectations and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. The agreement for land lease will provide you the assurance that you are on a solid legal ground. It is really simple to lease out your farm, but it is important to write all terms and conditions of the agreement to define the relationship of landlord and tenant. Some specific terms to be included in the farm land lease agreement are:

  • Proper maintenance of farmland and the soil
  • Special provisions to cover the existing crops and name of liable person for any disease or blight
  • Favorable lingo for the landlord
  • Include “No Partnership” clause to guard the landlord from any legal liability for the financial responsibilities of the tenant

Use Farm Land Lease Agreement Format

Many small size farms like to give their land on lease for the growth of their business, because it is an easy way to access additional resources without making any investment in the land. It is a useful way to increase the resources for your business. The land lease agreement template is designed for your help because it has all important contents. You can replace all contents with original data to draft a perfect agreement as per your requirement.

farm land lease agreement template

Farm Land Lease Agreement
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