Finance Agreement

A Finance Agreement outlines how a particular project or business will be financed. Normally, it takes the form of an agreement between the financier and the borrower (the company). Sometimes a business might not have enough funds to implement a project they have planned right away. Therefore, a Finance Agreement is necessary to make certain that the project is funded properly without any hindrance along the way. Finance Agreements are capable of covering diverse business activities. Actually, any project that requires outside funds will generally call for a Finance Agreement. This way of finance arrangement allows the borrower (company) to repay the debt out of the profits generated from the project. Finance agreement template makes sure that all the necessary details are included for you.

We offer free Finance Agreement as well, featured as part of our diverse collection of well drafted agreement templates. Each Finance Agreement may be different depending on the need, however, a fundamental Finance Agreement must include: contact information and name of all the parties involved (can include business entities as well as individuals), a general statement defining the nature of the business/project that will be funded, the amount that will be borrowed, terms to distribute the funds (whether the loan will be paid through monthly installments or lump sum), terms to repay the funds, how will the money be used, and in case a breach arises how will the parties resolve any disputes. For example: including a term that calls for arbitration instead of a lawsuit.


finance agreement template

Finance Agreement
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