Marriage Separation Agreement

A Marriage Separation Agreement is used to legally state that the couple has separated and settles how the assets, property, debts, and child custody will be handled. Our carefully designed template will walk you through the whole process to create a marriage separation agreement so you could move ahead. You can use a marriage separation agreement if: you and your spouse have finally decided to separate and have agreed on the division of property and assets, you and your spouse are taking divorce into consideration and would like to separate on legal basis before making a final decision of ending the marriage, or if you are considering a separation legally and would like to set some preliminary terms to divide your property. Secure your future; follow the right separation agreement template.

The legal process of separation is somewhat simpler to undergo than the emotional process; as it is complicated and risky and people fear to face it as the painful time it brings along. A separation agreement is very important especially when the couple is separating through divorce. A good agreement would address all the issues that could arise between the separating couple: child custody, property management, and spousal maintenance etc. If the separating couple is ready to communicate with a lucid and calm mind, the couple could sort out various things and make an obvious decision on separation.

A separation agreement should cover the decisions made by the couple via conversation, and it should contain clear information from both ends. A good separation agreement, like ours, would include: background, child custody, child support, social support, duties and obligations, insurances, trial period and reconciliations, and liabilities.

marriage separation agreement template

Marriage Separation Agreement
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