Non Disclosure Agreements

A Non Disclosure Agreement is used to maintain the competitive advantage your business has and, most importantly, keep your proprietary information confidential. A Non Disclosure Agreement secures your intellectual property, such as your trade secrets, from getting into wrong hands. It is a written agreement and is signed before any confidential information is released to the parties involved, under the agreement both parties are bound to understand and stand with their privileges and duties.

You might want to make a Non Disclosure Agreement in case you are an organization and you wish to ensure that the proprietary information you share with the other organization, or another person, would not become public. Or you might make a Non Disclosure Agreement if you are a consultant who has the proprietary information access that belongs to some other organization and you want to elucidate the conditions under which the information is to be shared.

When it comes down to business, there are various things you cannot afford to reveal to any third person/party. A Non Disclosure Agreement comes in handy here; it protects the disclosure of secret information. This type of agreement may be made with an employee, any of your partners, investors, a third organization, or a third individual. Under the agreement the involved parties cannot disclose any important details. Secrecy of trade is preserved on a higher level via the non disclosure policy. Some major things that come under a non disclosure policy of any organization include: the idea, its plan, software, and the technical development.


non disclosure agreement template

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size – KB | No. of pages = 2 | Download

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement

non disclosure and confidentiality agreement template

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Template
Microsoft Word document file | File size – KB | No. of pages = 8 | Download

Employee Non-Disclosure &
Non-Solicitation Agreement

Employee Non-Disclosure & Non-Solicitation Agreement template

Non-Disclosure &
Non-Solicitation Agreement Template
Microsoft Word document file | File size – KB | No. of pages = 4 | Download


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