Formal Purchase Agreements

Before you hand over any of your precious goods, draft a purchase agreement to create a record of the sale. It is beneficial for both buyers and sellers to have the details in writing, especially if the possessions involved are valuable. It is always smart to create paper work with a purchase agreement. It might be easy for you to forgo the formalities when you buy something from an individual, but while dealing with expensive possessions, property, make sure you have a record of the sale. You might need to make a purchase agreement if: you are selling personal property, you are buying a property and want documentation, or you want to exchange goods.

When buying/selling property it is required to make a real estate purchase agreement involving a number of legal terms. A purchase agreement is also termed as a contract, made between a buyer and a seller, in terms of legal agreement. All the terms and conditions of the transactions made are mentioned on the document. Work smartly, use a purchase agreement template to help you write a perfect agreement.

Purchase agreements might vary depending on the location and type of property, but certain things remain constant in almost all real estate agreements. The general terms must be understood by all the parties involved; the parties might want a trust-able website template, like ours, to help them draft a purchase agreement. It is one of the notable terms to include the legal description of the property on which the agreement is made, so that the location of the property is easily identified. A purchase agreement template is specifically more important when you are a buyer.


purchase agreement template

Purchase Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size 34 KB | No. of pages = 5 | Download


purchase and sale agreement for equipment

Purchase and Sale Agreement for Equipment
Microsoft Word document file | File size 48 KB | No. of pages = 20 | Download

power purchase agreement template

Power Purchase Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size 86 KB | No. of pages = 39 | Download

aircraft purchase agreement template

Aircraft Purchase Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size – KB | No. of pages = 14 | Download


real estate purchase and sale agreement template

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size 43 KB | No. of pages = 16 | Download

unit purchase agreement template

Unit Purchase Agreement
Microsoft Word document file | File size – KB | No. of pages = 6 | Download


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