Professional Services Agreement

A Service Agreement is made between a company (service provider) and its customer, in which they agree to render services in exchange for some benefit to each party. Hence, the finally designed service agreement must contain the specific services exchanged by both the parties. A service agreement once signed by the concerned parties is then considered as a legal document; it can be submitted to a court in case of any legal dispute with respect to the terms signed.

There are diverse types of service agreements. Such as:

  • General service agreement: made between a property/business owner and a contractor to provide services like repair works and gardening.
  • Consultant service agreement: made between a client and a consultant that signifies the terms related to the type of services the consultant would provide.
  • Artist service agreement: made between a business owner/client and an individual to perform tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting services.

and the list goes on.


Some of the key elements that a service agreement must contain are: description of services provided and their frequency, the persons who are to provide the services agreed upon, the frequency (or schedule) of the sessions of monitoring and supervision required, the payment made for the services, a provision of choice of law, and a contingency action stating what will be done by the client, licensee, and other involved parties. While keeping a good track of the aforementioned details, be sure not to miss out other small details that are of great importance: signature of the involved parties, contact details, date and location of work.


services agreement template

Services Agreement
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