Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement is a component of a service agreement where a service is officially defined. All specific aspects of the service – quality, scope, and responsibility – are decided and agreed between the service user and the service provider. Commonly, an SLA features the contracted delivery time of the service/performance. For example, telecommunications and internet service providers include Service Level Agreements within the terms of their agreements with customers to outlay the level of service to be sold in plain terms. In some cases SLAs have terms like: mean time between failures (MTBF), and mean time to recovery (MTTR). These terms help identify which party is responsible for paying fees, reporting faults, or similar details. Define your service officially in the best way possible, our template is here to help you.

We have added a Service Level Agreement template as well for your reference and help. This document plays a vital role in businesses, especially in cases of outsourcing. It is specifically designed to lay down lucid terms and conditions on business dealings and to assist customers to learn the services rendered by a business. The agreement makes all confusions clear to the customer regarding the business and the services provided. An SLA plays an imperative role so businesses must document a Service Level Agreement for their services. An SLA is comprised of important information which includes: goals of a business, how far they have been achieved, client name, service provider, company name, and client relationship manager.

service level agreement template

Service Level Agreement
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