Sponsorship Agreement

A Sponsorship Agreement administers the legal relationship between the party permitted to enforce the sponsorship commitment and the sponsor. The party entitled to enforce the duty can be an individual, a company, event organizer, or the possessor of the location sponsored. You can download free Sponsorship Agreement template from our site. A Sponsorship Agreement basically outlines the commitment and responsibilities of the sponsor and the sponsee. Both parties must understand all the clauses documented before signing the agreement. It is important for the sponsor and the sponsee to abide by the terms and conditions provided in the agreement signed. The agreement is bound to terminate if either of the parties fail to follow the terms mentioned. If the sponsor decides to grant a license to the sponsee to make use of the sponsor’s trade mark, then an officially written agreement will be appropriate to safeguard and protect the trade marks. Document the perfect sponsorship agreement using given template.

There are certain issues to take care of when drafting a Sponsorship Agreement: description of the benefits to the sponsor, all the variations in those benefits especially when the agreement is a long term relationship, validity period of the agreement, the payments due according to the agreement, variations in the payments due especially when the agreement is a long term relationship, situations in which the trade mark of the sponsor can be used, and the rights of both the parties involved to terminate the agreement.

sponsorship agreement template

Sponsorship Agreement
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